Unique Streets

Identifying ways in which the high street and town centres can compete with shopping centres and online retailers to increase visitor numbers to the area, and in turn contribute to increasing local spending.

The decline of town centres is a concern for many people in Gwynedd. The aim of this project by Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig is to tackle this problem by encouraging creative ideas on our streets!

Evidence shows that online shopping, large shopping centres and supermarkets, to name but a few factors, have had a negative impact on High Street trade, which in turn has contributed to a decline in our town centres.

Today our high streets should offer a unique experience that will encourage people to visit town centres and the Unique Streets project aims to help with this.

There was an open call back in November for different community groups to be part of the Unique Streets project. The groups needed to identify creative ideas that would encourage people to visit the streets and spend locally.

Caernarfon, Cricieth and Nefyn were successful with their application.

By now the art installation is up for all to see on Palace Street! The colourful umbrellas are up and it’s great to see that it’s had so much positive support on social media already!

Gavin Owen from HWB Caernarfon said

‘It’s been important to work with and have the support of the local businesses whilst developing this project. There’s been similar colourful umbrellas installed in the AgitAgueda Art Festival in Portugal for some years. The art installation there has attracted thousands of visitors mainly through people sharing pictures on social media. We’re confident that this will happen in Caernarfon as well with local businesses benefiting in the town centre’.

Carwyn ap Myrddin from Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig said.

‘Many have been eagerly awaiting to see the umbrellas being installed and it’s great to see that they’re up! It’ll be interesting to see the effect on the number of people visiting the street and the centre of Caernarfon. By using HWB Caernarfon’s technology that’s already been developed we can monitor the number of people by the end of the summer and we’ll be able to compare those figures with previous years.

It’s a pilot project and what’s great is that the cables that have been installed above the street as part of this project will be available to be used for various other art installations in the future. It’ll be possible to have different art themes from month to month or if there’s an event on in Caernarfon.’

The projects in Cricieth and Nefyn are also developing. There will be more information about these projects soon!



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