BRO Cast

Piloting a system of digital community broadcasting as a means of raising awareness, changing society and community development.

The project aims to pilot a system of community digital broadcasting as a means of raising awareness, changing society and community development. In one area, Bro Ffestiniog, a number of enterprises have come together to work together in the form of a network of social enterprises and businesses under the umbrella of one company, Cwmni Cymunedol Bro Ffestiniog.
Organizations and enterprises include Seren, Antur Stiniog, CellB / Gwallgofiaid, Barnados, Ysgol Y Moelwyn, Transition, Pengwern Cymunedol, Deudraeth Cyf, GISDA, Opra Cymru and more. Over the period of the pilot the project will:

• Develop a website, radio, web channel and indigenous social media.

• Hold discussions, activity and a sense of belonging which in turn will stimulate constructive discussion on community development and action.

• Target audience: The whole community, the local people themselves, and learners and immigrants naturally benefiting from seeing and hearing everyday language and also inspiring them to become part of a community activity.

• Businesses and enterprises will also advertise on BRO-Cast and promote their businesses, events and activities.

• We will also work in partnership with the local community newspaper, ‘Llafar Bro’, to promote stories and events.

• Cast BRO-Cast will stimulate a sense of belonging to a community and bring people into a constructive part of discussion on the social, linguistic and economic development of the community.

• Online lein movies and news ’will be one way of bringing learners and immigrants one step closer to the community before they even arrive – it will break boundaries between us and them alleged.

A series of films have been produced and on their Facebook page ‘BROcast Ffestiniog’.



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