Unique Streets Project – Open call

Unique Streets Project – Open call

The High Street was the focal point for communities all over Wales. It offered job opportunity, a place for small businesses to thrive and was the driving force for the local and regional economy. Today the local high street is challenged by the huge increase in online shopping, shopping centres and large supermarkets. All these factors have had a detrimental effect on our high street which has contributed largely to the decline around town centres across Wales.

Today users are looking for a range of experiences on our high streets, from shopping to leisure to entertainment to health services. Today our high streets should offer a unique experience that people couldn’t find anywhere else.

The decline of high streets is a concern for many people in Gwynedd. Why don’t we tackle this issue using creative solutions in doing so!


AGW are looking for 3 communities to work with to trial new and innovative ideas that will:

– Increase the number of visitors to the street that will in turn increase the number of visitors to the area

– Increase spend in the local area


If you’re interested please download the forms below:

Information Sheet

Application Form



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