Nantlle Inclusion Research

Research into the feasibility of a Community Led Support model in the Dyffryn Nantlle area

The Dyffryn Nantlle area faces a period of major changes, as the local authority invests significantly into the regeneration of the area by establishing a new wellbeing centre, due to the areas high density in issues such as fuel poverty, food poverty and acute lack of care workers. Cyngor Gwynedd is keen to develop a Community Led Support operating model in the area, an approach to delivering change based on a set of principles on how support and assistance should be delivered. These principles are implemented in ways that are set by service staff, partners and local residents. AGW is supportive of such a model and has committed to funding the initial research. The National Development Team for Inclusion have been commissioned to complete this work, which includes understanding the local preparedness for change of this nature, how the current system operates and identifying its weaknesses. A series of discussions were held with stakeholders to produce this report.


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