Precision Grazing

A project that looks at the advantages of the Precision Grazing farming method through trialling it in Glynllifon College Farm.

Precision Grazing is method of farming that subdivides large fields into one hectare paddocks in order to better manage grazing, control grass cover and increase a farm’s income and margins.

This system is very effective for farmers for the following reasons

  • It reduces production costs
  • increases animal output per acre,
  • Is efficient on land use
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Improves quality of life for farmers.

One of the barriers to future generations of farmers entering the industry is the availability of land as they are unable to buy land and are often competing with established businesses for rented land. Growing and utilising more grass per hectare of their own land, increasing stocking density and farm output goes some way towards alleviating this issue.

In addition to raising stocking rate, the project also is aimed to highlight the practical considerations around subdividing farms, paddock size, type of equipment, water supply etc as well as promoting benefits of measuring grass and allocating grass to livestock accurately according to their requirements.

The project will:

  • Assess the benefits of management intensive grazing for farmers in Gwynedd in order to reduce production costs and increase animal output per acre.
  • Raise awareness of digital technology opportunities among the agricultural industry that are traditionally reluctant to engage.



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