Pico Hydro – Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study to establish whether pico-hydro technology is an option to generate viable and practical energy for businesses and community buildings in Gwynedd.

Pico-hydro is the hydro technology for producing less than 5KW (very small) that is usually used on the site, rather than being exported to the grid. A typical pico-hydro turbine will produce enough energy for lighting and heating, but it will not run machinery.

Despite producing lower power outputs with less available for export or sale, this system can significantly reduce energy costs. Linking the system with batteries for backup storage, the Pico-hydro system has the potential to provide on-site electricity to meet some of the demand from public organizations such as primary schools, voluntary community halls and rural businesses, such as outbuildings on farms.

NRW is also investigating the possibility of simplifying the licensing process for pico-hydro at appropriate sites, and there may be scope for this trial to inform that work.

This was a feasibility project investigating the practicality of using pico-hydro in primary schools.


Final Feasibility Study


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