Food Markets

Research to understand more about local product market models that could be piloted on Anglesey and Gwynedd that would serve communities, towns, or the county as a whole

Following research undertaken by LEADER officers, it appears that a number of food businesses have had to diversify during COVID-19 in order to provide for their customers and to secure an income for themselves. Many have / are working with other businesses in the area to continue to be able to offer services. Local food supply chains are under pressure as a result, and in trying to respond to COVID-19. Following recent research (online survey) it appears that 79% of individuals are now buying locally and are keen to continue to do so as covid restrictions decrease.
In response to COVID19, Menter Mon established the ‘Neges’ scheme which delivered food parcels to vulnerable people on Anglesey and Gwynedd. This project was supported by the local authorities, the Food Technology Centre, and Dylan’s. During the response, Neges distributed over 3000 local food parcels over 3 months. Menter Môn, along with other stakeholders, are keen to explore how the scheme could be developed, and continue to support the food sector and local businesses further. Through the AM and AGW schemes, Menter Môn is keen to research and pilot local product market models to support the local supply chain.
Myrddin Davies Ltd was appointed to lead and support the Anglesey and Gwynedd LEADER teams to research and understand more about local produce market models that could be piloted on Anglesey and Gwynedd, serving communities, towns, or the whole county.
Key elements include-
a) Baseline Research and Gap Analysis
b) Identify local stakeholders
c) Provide recommendations / ideas for potential LEADER interventions that could be piloted in both counties
The final report is available here.


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