MultiPurpose Sheep

A project that aims to improve the quality of Welsh wool produced on Gwynedd farms, without compromising the quality and yield of mutton/lamb meat.

Gwynedd upland sheep farming faces an uncertain future. Whatever Brexit scenario modelled by the Welsh Government’s ‘EPRA EU Exit & Strategy Division,’ sheep farming in Wales, particularly in the uplands, is very likely to suffer from significant structural challenges. Add the long-term general reduction in domestic consumption of lamb, Welsh sheep farmers find it difficult to plan ahead with any sense of confidence.
The farmers behind this project have identified a market demand for dual-purpose merino type sheep the UK. Through this project, they aim to investigate a possible solution to generating additional income from sheep farming and make better use of wool as a resource. The group proposes to import Merino semen from Australia to crossbreed with their own Romney sheep to trial the first and second generation of dual-purpose Merino cross sheep in Wales.
The farmers are very happy and willing to share the findings from this pilot with other interested stakeholders, and in collaboration with AGW and Farming Connect.


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