Aberdaron Data

A project that looked at harnessing and analysing data collected through open access Wi-fi in Aberdaron

The project sought to demonstrate how data collected through digital open access Wi-Fi in Aberdaron is harnessed, analysed and exploited for the benefit of the community and businesses.

The Wifi system was first switched on in Aberdaron at the beginning of May 2016, and has proved very popular with businesses and the public. Within 4 weeks of installation, 1735 individual devices were connected, downloading 111Gb of data.  To login to Wi-Fi, users are required to provide an email address, and to date over 1000 email addresses have been received.

There were 4 elements to the Data:

  1. 1. Map the data to identify how the system users move around the village, the length of their stay, the time of their visit, and any repeated visits.
  2. 2. Create targeted e-marketing campaigns.   It is possible to break down the email database against the date of visit, frequency and waiting time. One example of how this could be used would be to encourage visitors who visit twice a year to visit for the third time outside the holiday season.
  3. 3. Use the data to create demand outside the main season e.g. food festival, music, fishing. If we have 8,000 addresses in late summer, and 80% of these are valid, then a 2.5% response rate to an email campaign could reasonably be expected, bringing over 100 people into the village on a weekend that would otherwise be quiet, from email marketing only.
  4. 4. Capture market-friendly data to the access questionnaire.


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