Byw a Bod – Perfformio

Piloting new ways of presenting language, culture and heritage to visitors.

This project was a creative opportunity for undergraduates to participate in a performance project to introduce language, culture and heritage to visitors in Gwynedd.

The Welsh language, culture and heritage adds to the experience of visiting Gwynedd. Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig worked with a number of ambitious and creative students to pilot ways of presenting language, culture and heritage through arts.

Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig   recruited and employed 7 undergraduates from Gwynedd for 3 days per week over a 10 week period. A local Theatre Company, Cwmni Fran Wen, managed the undergraduates on a daily basis and provided training and guidance on creating street performances. Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig worked closely with Cwmni Fran Wen to monitor the performance of the undergraduates.

The project was divided into 3 sections which were as follows:

  1. Three weeks whereby the students worked with professional actors and artists on the “Ar Y Stryd” (On the Street) which involved performing across 3 Counties in North Wales. This gave the students experience of delivering street performances in front of the general public.
  2. Three weeks developing and preparing their own production aimed at introducing Welsh language and culture to visitors in prominent tourist locations across Gwynedd.
  3. Three weeks performing 6 shows a day in locations tourist attractions, including Port Meirion, Greenwood Forest Park, and popular tourist destinations such as Harlech Castle, Caernarfon and Llanberis.

The project was closed with an event in Pontio (Bangor) which gave the students an opportunity to provide feedback on the project, and highlight lessons learnt over the nine weeks.


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