Be Nesa Llŷn

Project which aims to establish an inward investment model which encourages entrepreneurship and identifies and exploits local resources for the benefit of Pen Llŷn’s economy and community in general.

The aim of this project was to set up an “internal investment” model in the Pen Llŷn area by having 11 local business people invest their own money into an interest-free loan fund in which local people can use to start or develop their businesses. The project encourages entrepreneurship and gives local people the chance to start their own business in order to be able to live and work in their local area.


Applicants can apply for an interest-free loan of up to £5,000 to help with their business and this loan can be used to purchase essential equipment, training costs, marketing, renting a suitable location to operate the business etc.
But it is not just financial help that the Be Nesa Llŷn crew offer, they are eager to assist, advise and offer any help in terms of experiences, skills and contacts to any person who receives a loan.

So far, the scheme has helped many people across Pen Llŷn to realize their dream of starting their own business including a fake tan business, trampoline exercise and a craft business.

The scheme is still active today, so if you live in Pen Llŷn and are looking for financial help to start your business as well as advice from local business people, go for it!

In order to make an application you must fill in the application form and present us a copy of your Business Plan and Cash Flow.

Application form and Guidelines are available on the Be Nesa Llŷn website –


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